Testimonials from Health Care Professionals and Clients

“I started working with Robert two years ago.  I  have had chronic hip pain for years due to many years of sitting at a desk.    I asked for Roberts help in our weekly Restorative Exercise sessions.  Within a few weeks my hip pain had resolved.  Then I had a lean muscle mass test and found that I had increased my lean muscle mass significantly.  I credit my work with Robert in a large part for this change and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in exercising and improving their health.”

Linda G.

“Robert Brook is an excellent yoga teacher. For the past 5 years I have regularly referred patients to him from my orthopedic practice with a variety of muscular- skeletal and neurological disorders. I know that no matter what orthopedic problem a patient has, I can trust Robert to develop a safe and therapeutic program. His yoga therapy not only gives patients relief from pain and increased function, but also an enjoyable program that they will continue long after I have discharged them from my care.”

Dr. Catherine Jasan, M.D

“Tiffany helped me to understand why, despite many years as a yoga practitioner, I was experiencing severe hip pain, and how my practice may have masked basic alignment problems and weakness in some areas. She taught me how to stand, walk, release my psoas muscles, address shortness in my calves and hamstrings,  uncurl my toes, and so much more.  Tiffany also helped a lot with highly skilled massage when when various parts of me were tight or sore. Her upbeat, nonjudgmental personality over the past 3 years has made it always a pleasure to see her.”

S. Burrell

“Sessions with Robert and Tiffany are essential to my health care routine. Through the years they’ve helped me address chronic health challenges that have included nerve damage from a spinal tumor, the residual effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer, severe arthritis in several joints, lousy posture, sciatica, lower back pain and spasms, colon polyps, candida, weight control and high cholesterol. I should be a wreck but I’m not and I thank Robert and Tiffany in large part for that. The synergy of working with them both has been incredible.  Their knowledge of the body is profound in both its depth and breadth. Each session is a revelation!”

Dr. Going

“Tiffany and Robert run superb Ayurvedic workshops. They are deeply versed in Ayurvedic nutrition, clear in explaining basic principles and strategies, and very well organized. Furthermore, they create a warm and friendly environment in which even very shy people will feel at home. The Ayurvedic detox workshop I took in the spring of 2009 was extremely helpful in eliminating toxins from my physical body and generally purifying consciousness on all levels, emotional, mental, and spiritual.”

Toby SymingtonExecutive Director of the Lloyd Symington Foundation

“Robert has the eyes and feel to know what each person needs next. In a quiet but powerful way his encouragement is unfailing. My patients consistently refer to his precision, his dedication, his example and his professionalism. I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps most impressive to me is that he remains a humble student of the discipline he is so skilled at teaching.”

Dr. Stephen Katz, D.C.

“About 1 1/2 years ago I came to Tiffany Turley, concerned about recurring pain in my left knee during and after walks.  My left knee was frequently swollen and looked misshapen compared to my right knee.  In addition to addressing the condition of my knee with therapeutic massage work, Tiffany provided me with a set of exercises and stretches that were designed to help me gain proper alignment and strengthen the muscles that supported proper hip and knee movement.  I proceeded to practice these exercises and stretches daily.  I am extremely pleased and gratified to report that I am now walking and hiking regularly without any knee pain, that I no longer have swelling, my left knee looks practically normal, and I can feel equal strength between my left and right knees.

I continue to do the exercises and stretches as a great way to begin each morning and relax before going to sleep, adding Tiffany’s recommended refinements that are based on the continuing improvement of my knee.  In addition to the significant physical improvements I have experienced, thanks to Tiffany’s clear explanations of how different joints and muscles are connected and impacted by alignment, I am far more mindful of how I sit, stand and, generally move, and take great satisfaction from all the benefits that have resulted.”

Sandy Sohcot