What is Orthopedic Massage?

Orthopedic Massage describes a comprehensive system, rather than a single technique, that involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissues to resolve pain and dysfunction. The focus is restoring function and structural balance throughout the body for both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

It takes a multidisciplinary approach that looks to resolve the origin of the pain and dysfunction either from trauma-induced injuries or postural imbalances that exacerbate the pain through daily activities. Common orthopedic conditions can stem from sports injuries, postural imbalances due to poor work ergonomics, chronic pain and scar tissue from surgery or traumatic injury.

The Hendrickson Method

The Hendrickson Method of manual therapy was developed by Tom Hendrickson, D. C. based on his years of study in a variety of eastern practices, massage techniques and his training and mentorship with child prodigy and bodywork legend Lauren Berry.  The Hendrickson Method also draws from Mr. Hendrickson’s many years of Tai Chi practice,  as well his more than 20 years of experience in his very successful chiropractic practice.

Hendrickson Method is a form of manual therapy that is ideal for addressing a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, both acute and chronic.  It is both very comfortable to receive and very effective for pain relief and restoration of function.  Hendrickson Method practitioners are highly trained and respected in the field of massage, bodywork and manual therapy.

Tiffany Turley, C.A.S, C.M.T.

Alignment Lab employs Tiffany Turley for Orthopedic Massage services. Instead of booking a swedish or deep tissue massage with an average massage therapist at a club or local spa, clients at Alignment Lab are getting a highly trained specialty massage therapist who is regularly referred by doctors and physical therapists to help people who need services that they cannot provide but are at a level of quality and proficiency they these healthcare providers can trust.

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